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Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo Consider Second Eatery

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LAW caught up with Animal boys Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo for a substantial q&a. On the subject of opening a second eatery Jon says, "Actually going on is nothing. Nothing as of now. Just talking to people. Obviously looking. But even if we were building something just next door, I wouldn't tell you." Meanwhile, Vinny provides a bit more insight: "...I'd love to have an awesome deli one day. Like a sandwich place. It's definitely in the wheelhouse of concepts. We are definitely looking for other spaces. As far as what's the lineup? Just to keep a general...I's not another Animal. But it could be anything from a BBQ restaurant to a seafood place to a sandwich shop...a general store. We've also thrown around some sort of Latin inspired thing too. Tacos maybe. Something like that. But nothing is in the front and nothing is in the back. Spaces really speak to us in a weird way. What might fit well. Stuff like that. But there are some butcher shops opening this year and I want to see how those play out. But any of it is at our fingertips. But like I said, nothing in the front, nothing in the back. We haven't found a concept. We're kind of just looking for a space that feels like something we could have. We're looking everywhere." Fingers very much crossed. [LAW]

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