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Dim Sum Dominator Alex Chu Plans Second Dumpling Truck

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Just last month USC alum Alex Chu graced Los Angeles with the presence of mobile dumplings, baos, and pork pastries via the Dim Sum Truck, and he's already geared up for round two. Initially Alex contemplated pushing a dim sum cart through the streets of LA, but he scratched those plans in favor of a second truck, also serving dumplings. But not just any kind of dumplings. While some might cringe and others may jump for joy, potential dumpling fillings includes the likes of bacon, cheddar, and chive; and chicken, jalapeno, and...cream cheese! Yes, cream cheese. Diners will be able to select their cooking method of choice, be it steamed or fried. Exotic dumpling madness goes into effect in about one to two months. In other news, Alex acquired his Santa Monica permit on Friday, so catch the Dim Sum Truck on the west side more in the near future.
·Roving Dumplings From The Dim Sum Cart [~ELA~]

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