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Welcome to Kogi The Restaurant, Soft Opening This Weekend

According to Kogi PR, Kogi the restaurant, aka Chego, will soft open this weekend with a grand debut on April 7. Here now, low and behold, interior photos! Check out the fresh new signage that just went up today, a big thumbs up because it's all fun and games at Chego. The small neon-hued space boasts lime green shelves, and a collage on the left wall comprised of the letters that spell Chego. Looks like guests will order from a counter, grab a number, and snag a table where food will then be delivered. In other Kogi news, the original menu has been revamped and it's now posted (above), divided into Beginning, Middle, and End plus Las Extras, Upgrades, and Bebidas. Dishes boast whimsical names like Cup O' Pickles (fennel, garlic, cucumber, radish), One Chubby Pork Belly (fried egg, water spinach, kochujang), and Rock Yer Road, the one dessert on the menu (smoked almond brownies, caramel, melting marshmallow fluff). Let the lines begin.
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Kogi BBQ Food Truck

Moving Target!, Southern California, CA


3300 Overland Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90034 (310) 287-0337 Visit Website


3300 Overland Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90034