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Doughboys Rises Again with New Bakery In The Works

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Ahh, well. So many ups and downs for Doughboys. First the cafe was shuttered for failing to comply with zoning restrictions back in 2007, but then the eatery reopened this past January satiating those red velvet cake cravings. Unfortunately, next came the sad news that proprietor Frank Waldman had passed away. Sniff sniff. However, that clearly isn't slowing up the biz. Word just in that Doughboys will open a retail bakeshop right next door to newbie House Cafe on Beverly Blvd. The bakery will obviously sell the signature red velvet cake, in addition to cupcakes, pies, and pastries. Coffee and espresso drinks will probably also be on offer, and even some prepackaged sandwiches. Seating? "Possibly" says a source. It's all fairly under the radar so far since construction has just begun. [EaterWire] —Daniela Galarza

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