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Patric Kuh's Picks For The Year's Best New Restaurants

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Patric Kuh unveil's his picks for the year's best new restaurants in the latest issue of Los Angeles Magazine. The introductory blurb states that " [this] year’s best new restaurants are a daring bunch, challenging our palates...and bucking convention". However, Kuh's picks turn out to be anything but unconventional. In order, top 10 honors went to: Rivera, Bistro LQ, Drago Centro, Mo-Chica, Bouchon, Tavern, Bottega Louie, Barbrix, Eva and Westside Tavern. No real surprises here, perhaps with the exception of Barbrix (a small plates restaurant in Silverlake). Of Bottega Louie, Kuh writes, "The bright, cavernous room, clad in white tile and marble, feels of-the-moment downtown..." New Laxy Ox Canteen devotees may beg to differ. As always, feel free to voice concerns in the comments. [LAmag] — Yvonne Ip

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