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Bin 73 Soft Opens Tomorrow in Marina del Rey

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Phone: 310-827-6209
Status: Opens tomorrow
After shuttering neighborhood sushi bar Naked Sushi in January, the owner of adjacent Mercede's Grill is ready to launch wine bar Bin 73 in the same space. After a six-week remodel, new wrought-iron accented doors are up, the sushi bar has been replaced with a wood-paneled, granite-topped bar with backless stools, and the spruced-up covered patio will offer table seating as before. What's in a name? Prices, apparently. The wine list includes seven reds and seven whites, with a focus on Spanish, Italian, and South American winemakers. Three bucks will get you a three-ounce pour, while seven-ounce pours will go for (you guessed it) $7. Most menu items are also $7, including a pear, brie, and gorgonzola panini, cheese plates, and an order of truffle Parmesan fries. A handful of smaller dishes, including marinated olives, are priced at $3. Bin 73's soft opening is tomorrow from 4 to 11:30PM, with the grand opening bash to follow Wednesday, March 10.
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—Lizbeth Scordo

Bin 73

18 Washington Blvd. Marina Del Rey, CA

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