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Sona Closing in May, Reopening New Location in 2011

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A few weeks back Eater started hearing rumors about an imminent shutter coming to Sona. When Sona's PR team was questioned on the matter, they denied the allegations, funny how things work out. Last week restaurant employees seemed slightly confused, one claimed not to know anything about a potential closure while another said the restaurant was going to close and reopen later. Today Daily Dish confirms the speculations that Sona, will, in fact, shutter in May and reopen in a new undisclosed location in 2011. Proprietor David Myers credits an expiring lease as the reason for relocation, which may or may not be true. However, nobody has forgotten all the turmoil surrounding the Michelin starred restaurant for the past year in addition to other ill-fated David Myers venues. A quick recap. First David Myers' two outposts of Boule shuttered, followed by that whole debacle over the summer when Sona plus assets was auctioned off, followed by Comme Ca drama with a new chef, new management and the loss of the "bakery." Phew. Anyway, stay tuned for Myersland 2011.
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