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Las Perlas Tequila and Mezcal Den Opens Tonight!

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Phone: 213-988-8355
Status: Opens tonight
At long last, Cedd Moses unveils his newest contribution to downtown, Las Perlas, a bar devoted to the liquor distilled from the agave plant, Tequila and mezcal. As previously mentioned, Cole's Red Car bar vet Raul Yrastorza will serve as GM and offer a cocktail list composed by Rivera "bar chef" Julian Cox. Similar to how cocktails are created at Rivera, Cox plans to serve his creations with house-made syrups, bitters, herbs, Mexican sugars & salts, with seasonal fruits and veggies from downtown LA's produce markets. For those who would prefer a different libation, other options include sampling rare small-batch Tequilas and mezcals neat, or simply picking from an extensive selection of Mexican cervezas on tap and in bottles.

The fiesta commences at 7PM, make sure to check out all the awesome, colorful interior shots below. The playful, rustic design was headed by Ricki Kline with an ode to Mexico, capturing the essence of a Mexican cantina through hand-painted signs and earthy hues. Custom wood finishes, vintage windows, and giant 100-year-old hand-blown Oaxacan mezcal bottles add to the bar’s Central Mexico ambience with a porcelain covered bar behind which sit hundreds of Tequilas and mezcals. Come in tonight for a variety of Mexican beverages, sit at a Pullman booth inside, at the bar, or on the outdoor patio overlooking Sixth.
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Las Perlas

107 East 6th Street, , CA 90014 (213) 988-8355 Visit Website

Las Perlas

107 East Sixth Street, Los Angeles, CA