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Take A Stroll Through Drai's Hollywood, The Club

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Elizabeth Daniels 2/10

Last week came an inside look at Drai's Hollywood penthouse restaurant and pool and cabanas, here now a full reveal of that Old Hollywood club. While it doesn't officially debut until Thursday, the club has soft opened for a variety of private events and word on the street is that people have been liking the club, liking the atmosphere. Feels pretty disco with all that gold, silver, and red, where's the disco ball? Proprietor Victor Drai is a firm believer that lighting is crucial, and here lights casts a red/pink glow on the space, bouncing off the glistening mirrored columns and sparkling crystal. Feels a bit magical.
·Inside Drai's Hollywood Three Part Venue Debuts March 11 [~EA~]

Drai's Hollywood

6250 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA