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Arashi Sushi Debuts Downtown, The Munchie Machine Rolls Out Next Week, New Chef at Gordon Ramsay

DOWNTOWN— Feast brings word that contemporary Japanese eatery Arashi Sushi opened April 1 on South Hope St. The design is pretty simple and standard, look for both cooked dishes, sushi, and rolls that involve cream cheese and "dynamite sauce." [Feast]

MEALS ON WHEELS— Next Tuesday, The Munchie Machine debuts at Bigfoot Lodge West serving an amalgam of comfort food bites: S'mores, fries, chili fries, a variety of sandwiches (such as the Croque De Munchie: honey cured ham, Swiss cheese, Dijon mustard, mayo and a fried egg), plus Sweet Lady Jane Desserts, there's even a few vegan sweets. [GS]

WEHO— LAW reports that Gordon Ramsay at The London West Hollywood has a new cook in the kitchen. The newbie is chef Anthony Keene who comes with 15 years of experience working at Ritz-Carltons in the US and Asia. Keene has recently revamped the Gordon Ramsay menu with a bevy of seasonal additions. [LAW]

[Photo: Joshua Lurie/Feast]

Arashi Sushi

1111 South Hope Street, Los Angeles, CA