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stART at Royal/T, Avalon Grill Coming To Catalina Island, More Bam for Emeril's Buck

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CULVER CITY— Royal/T Cafe, famous for outfitting its servers in maid uniforms (it's a Japanese cosplay cafe), does food + art really well. Remember that whole In Bed with Ludo craziness last year? Well, going forward with the art and food theme Royal/T will be hosting a series of events called stART aimed at encouraging art in children's lives. Open to kids and all who are involved in their lives (parents, grandparents, godparents), the first of these events is next Thursday April 22 at Royal/T. Presented by Royal/T Owner Susan Hancock & Art Consultant Veronica Fernandez, the first stART event will include a discussion and tour of the gallery. Refreshments and small bites will be served throughout the evening in the café. More info on Royal/T's website. [EaterWire]

AVALON, CATALINA ISLAND— The Santa Catalina Island has unveiled the first part of its $11 million development plan. Yesterday, its zip line and eco tour project opened to the public. The development, set to be complete this summer, involves five new projects including renovations to the Pavilion Hotel and Descanso Beach Club and the addition of the Avalon Grill, a new restaurant located across from the Green Pleasure Pier. [EaterWire]

EMERILWIREThe Emeril Lagasse Show debuts at 8 PM on Ion this Sunday night. Think of it as the chef’s stab at an old-school variety show, like Rachael Ray, on Primetime. Critics that got a sneak peek report that while there is still a bit of cooking involved (like pierogies with friend/fellow media mogul Martha Stewart), the show mostly features Emeril awkwardly bluffing his way through celebrity interviews, wine segments, and game show-like contests. [Eater National]

Royal/T Cafe

8910 Washington Boulevard, Culver City, CA

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