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Sampling Ecco Caffe and Verve Coffee Roasters at Cognoscenti Coffee in Burbank

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About that tiny pop-up coffee bar, Cognoscenti Coffee, inside Urban Eats in Burbank, a reader stopped by and here's the first word: "Today my BF and I were passing by Urban Eats in Burbank when we noticed a little coffee stand inside. It was around 10am before the restaurant was serving food, but the coffee stand was open. Curious, we went in and ordered an ecco organic espresso and a cappuccino. The owner Yeekai Lim made them both for us, like he does every customer. They were both excellent. The cappuccino had great body and hearty savoriness to it. The milk was steamed to perfection. Its nice to have an alternative to those coffee chains where the owner himself is brewing up and serving some serious gourmet coffee. It reminded me of drinking coffee in Italy where i studied for a short time. It was actually so good we tried a cortado as well. Very tasty too. I talked to the owner for a short time. He clearly has a passion for what he does. He gave me a brief education about varieties of beans, how grinding them makes a difference in the flavor, how the brewing process affects the flavor as well. All things I had no clue about. It was a great experience w/great coffee!" [Eater Inbox]

Cognoscenti Coffee

6114 Washington Boulevard, , CA 90232 (310) 363-7325 Visit Website

Urban Eats

3501 West Magnolia Boulevard Burbank, CA 91505