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Mo-Chica's Ricardo Zarate Plans New Resto, Investors Needed

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Want to get in bed with Mo-Chica proprietor Ricardo Zarate? Here's your chance. Not a huge shocker to hear that LA's king of Peruvian cuisine is in the throes of opening Moche, a new downtown "casual-elegant Peruvian restaurant" with construction about to begin on an undisclosed space near LA Live. Seems a bit late in the game to look financiers. Regardless, partner Stephane Bombet is searching for one or more individuals to invest in Moche, more specifically looking for someone to back the $500,000 needed for doors to open. Foodies with big bucks to spend should contact Bombet at 310-855-1900.
·Mo-Chica's Ricardo Zarate Seeks Investors for Moche Restaurant [GS]

[Photo: Flickr/cathydanh]

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