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Modern Middle Eastern Cuisine at Momed

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Phone: 310-270-4444
Status: Open today
Where there was once Rosti, now stands an industrial, modern, sleek ode to Middle Eastern cuisine. That may sound dramatic, but it’s a welcomed change – Momed Café soft opens this week on S. Beverly Drive just below Charleville in Beverly Hills. Today and tomorrow you can tuck into Momed from 8AM to 7PM and from 8AM-9PM starting Friday, and 8AM-10PM Saturday. Go softly with a lentil salad, some hummus, and Lebanese flatbreads, go boldly with a duck shawarma, a seafood salad with calamari, octopus, and fennel, and Baba Ganoush, or go early for a hit of their version of Turkish coffee.

Elizabeth Daniels 4/10

Check out the communal tables inside, patio tables along the street side, and a marketplace-style glass case with classic Middle Eastern salads, dips, and “mezze,” which are small plates like zucchini and feta fritters with yogurt sauce, and Moroccan salad with raisins and cinnamon. In the kitchen, you’ll find chef Matt Carpenter who hails from Josie and BIN 8945.

Before you roll your eyes thinking that yet another café-slash-marketplace has opened up in Beverly Hills (even if it does have a Middle Eastern menu), you’ll want to keep in mind the one great distinction of Momed – a liquor license. You can head in here to casually try some new world wines at night and head back the next morning to quell that hangover with yogurt and granola with rose petal preserves or eggs with home-made Merguez sausage. And...Intelligentsia coffee, score! Rosti will never be forgotten, but it also likely won’t be missed.
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Additional Photos: Eater LA Flickr Page
— Nicole Campoy-Leffler


233 S. Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills, Ca