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Original Pinkberry Becomes Pinkberry Support Center

It's the end of an era. Today boxes and froyo paraphernalia were carried out of the first ever Pinkberry froyo cafe in West Hollywood. Did you think the day would ever come? It's hard to believe this tiny lone shop spurred the insane froyo craze that has blossomed over the past five years and inspired the likes of Cantaloop, Yogurtland, Yogen Fruz, Red Mango, the list goes on and on...and on. A sign posted in the shop reads:
"Dear Pinkberry Customers: We are committed to providing you with the highest-quality service and products, and as such, we will be turning this store into a Pinkberry Support Center. Effective April 19, 2010 we will no longer be swirling at this store, but you can get your favorite cup (or two) of chilly bliss by visiting any of our other locations including these neighboring stores...we thank you for your patronage over the past five years and we appreciate your continued business. Thank you."
·Frozen Yogurt Seller Pinkberry to Close Original Store in West Hollywood [LAT]


868 Huntley Drive, West Hollywood, CA