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What's Going On At Melrose Bar & Grill?

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Melrose Bar & Grill was bound to suffer some losses when Cecconi's opened up down the street. But, has it hurt business so badly that they had to close? Hungry customers outside the place today were puzzled to find a sign posted on the restaurant's locked doors that reads, "Gone Fishing, Happy Spring Break!!" Sounds like something you'd see in a small town, not the heart of West Hollywood. Peering in, the restaurant is still fairly set up with tables/chairs, and the bar looks untouched. And, if the owners were just going out of town for a week, why would they disconnect the restaurant's phone number? Neighboring shop owners were equally confused, "they just up and disappeared..." Have a tip? Comments are down below or just leave it in the jar. [EaterWire] — Daniela Galarza

Melrose Bar & Grill

8826 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood, CA, 90069