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Three Stars For Hatfield's, Mix 'n' Match at Mac & Cheeza

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1) Hatfield's: SIV is a fan of Hatfield's 2.0 and hands out three full stars to a restaurant that has "all [its] ducks in a row: an understated and glamorous dining room and bar, a well-priced menu, tempting cocktails and desserts, a professional staff and adept sommelier." She describes the restaurant as "gracious...although it's always satisfying and often excellent, it sometimes lacks excitement...I miss the gutsy cooking Hatfield did at Cortez in San Francisco when he first crossed my radar. It strikes me that at this restaurant (and the old one as well) his cooking is too polite. He's playing it safe with the menu too, which has hardly budged since the restaurant opened at the beginning of February." Regardless, "At its best, the cooking is very, very good" and "desserts from Karen Hatfield are always a pleasure..." [LAT]

2) Mac & Cheeza: Today J.Gold hits up Mac & Cheeza, and while he waxes poetic on the subject of mac and cheese in general, not a whole lot is actually said about the aforementioned restaurant's product. It is customizable in the way Cold Stone lets you choose your ice cream plus additions: "You choose the size of the container you would like to have your mac baked in...choose between rice noodles and regular noodles, soy cheese or regular pick out your mix-ins." Here, "Mac & Cheeza is not a temple of cuisine," the cheese sauce is slightly grainy, though it makes for "superb drunk food — on weekends, Mac & Cheeza stays open until 2 a.m." [LAW]

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