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VodVil Coming to WeHo, John Sedlar Claims Grace Space, Best-O-Burger Moving South, MORE

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WEHO— More nightlife coming to West Hollywood in the form of VodVil. Let's just say this is not your average club or lounge, it's dubbed an "entertainment venue for adults," whatever that means, and will offer a restaurant, bar, and " interactive entertainment, involving games, karaoke and much more." A website is up, but not too much info posted just yet. [EaterWire]

MID-CITY— Feast brings word that once Grace moves downtown into St. Vibiana Cathedral, John Sedlar, chef and owner of Rivera, will take over the space (October). He also foresees opening a spot in Santa Monica further down the line. [Feast]

AROUND TOWN— The Chron reports that Best-O-Burger recently shuttered its two San Fran restaurants but plans to expand the burger concept to LA, Las Vegas, and Missouri. [Chron]

SANTA MONICA— Tonight at 5PM The Yard kicks off Big Cheese Thursdays. At first the whole grilled cheese thing was suppose to be just a month long event to celebrate grilled cheese month, but thanks in part to its popularity, Chef Chris “CJ” Jacobson is going to continue serving grilled cheese sandwiches on Thursdays. Tonight look for four melted cheese options including a traditional and a short rib version, to name a few. [EaterWire] —YE

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