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Intelligentsia Pasadena Location Revealed, Will Sell Alcohol

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Three years ago LA experienced its first outpost of Chicago's uber high end coffee cafe, Intelligentsia, which received such rave reviews here on the west coast that owner Doug Zell opened a second location by the beach in Venice just last summer. No shocker, this location too is perpetually jam-packed with a long line continuually snaking down the narrow walkway, so what's Doug Zell to do? Why, open up a third location, of course. Which is exactly what he plans to do in a plain looking storefront directly next door to Naga Naga Ramen at 55 E Colorado Blvd. in Pasadena. However, this badboy is surely a ways off because peering in through the window, the space is completely empty, just bare floors right now.

Anyway, as for design, expect Intelli three not to resemble the Venice outpost despite the fact that it too will be designed by Ana Henton of Mass Architecture & Design. Also, glance up above at the posted sign. Interesting to note that up there is an application for the sale of beer and wine...craft beer and coffee, anyone? Intelli is pooling together with Eagle Rock Brewery... [EaterWire]


55 E Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA