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Private Chefs of Beverly Hills First Episode Recap

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It’s no secret that some people in Beverly Hills behave like divas wackos off their meds. We’ve all heard the tall tales of spoiled demands and screaming matches. Some of us have yet to experience the joys of complaining about our private jets, rolling our eyes at our personal shopper, and insisting that our private chefs drum up “spa names” for our passed appetizers on the fly. Food Network's new primetime show Private Chefs of Beverly Hills gives us an inside look at the outrageous demands of very normal denizens residing in Beverly Hills. From a doggy debutante party to a Botox bash and a hyper-masculine “glamping” trip (that’s glamorous camping), the first episode doesn’t hold back. Screened last night on the rooftop of the Thompson Hotel at a premiere party, six chefs, each working in pairs, take on the wants, needs, qualms, and demands of high-powered, high strung clients.

One-liners abound from each chef throughout the episode. Chef Manouschka, for example, finally gets behind her menu for the doggy debutante when she realizes that she’s “dated enough dogs and fed them, so this shouldn’t be too much of a stretch.” The all-male glamping trip, which sounds like an episode of Glee, brings forth another memorable quote. The men actually go fishing, all by themselves. They bring back two fresh caught swimmers and when chef Brian asks what they’ve caught, one guy says simply, “fish. We brought you some fish.”

Perhaps the most Beverly Hills of all three parties, the Botox bash is laughable from top to bottom. Take one woman who’s had too many lip injections to eat solid foods, mix in a sly suggestion to the chef that she should consider Botox herself -- only in Beverly Hills.

Premiering Friday, April 9 at 10PM, Private Chefs of Beverly Hills is funny, biting, and worth catching if for no other reason than to see some incredibly wealthy people trying to make us believe that hiring a private chef seems to actually create more problems. In the immortal words of Notorious BIG, “mo’ money, mo’ problems.” — Nicole Campoy-Leffler