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This Weekend's Anti Foie Gras Protest Hullabaloo at Bouchon

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Now these are some protesters! Saturday night, as planned, the Animal Protection & Rescue League led a rally against the sale of foie gras outside of Thomas Keller's Bouchon in Beverly Hills. The campaign was part of a three city demonstration which included parties outside of Per Se (New York) and French Laundry (Napa). The rowdy group at Bouchon was comprised of around 20 - 25 spirited protesters, many of which displayed very graphic banners depicting foie gras cruelty. The group also led chants directed at Thomas Keller, including "you have blood on your hands" and "we will never back down, till you stop the killing." Intense. On Saturday night, patrons of Bouchon had to walk by the line of protesters from the valet, with a few of Bouchon's employees quietly escorting them into the restaurant.

Eater National contacted Keller's reps who released this statement:

"The Thomas Keller Restaurant Group consistently endeavors to make extremely conscientious decisions regarding all suppliers with whom we work, and our chefs have specifically selected to source from the most ethical purveyors possible.
We will keep within full accordance of all legal mandates should the states of California and New York pass future legislation regarding Foie Gras."
Over on the east coast, NY's Per Se showing was pretty wimpy with a mere ten protesters (and three dogs) that silently stood with the requisite banners and signage outside the Time Warner Center in Columbus Circle (they weren't even allowed inside). So much for the actual protesting.
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— Yvonne Ip

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