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Uncle John's Cafe and Canyon Open, New Menu at Cafe Wa s, W.Manzke Pursues Project in Chicago, MORE!

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Inside Canyon.
Inside Canyon.
Photo: OCR

DOWNTOWN— Right on time Uncle John's Cafe is now serving in the former Mother Road space. Dig Lounge shares some food porn and inside shots, and confirms the menu: classic American diner meets your local neighborhood Chinese spot. [Dig Lounge]

OC— Also now open for biz is chef Rich Mead’s Canyon restaurant which officially debuted last night. The market-driven fine dining establishment offers dishes priced between $8 - $19 for lunch and $8 -$34 for dinner, sample offerings include Louisiana style barbecue pork back ribs, panko crusted halibut and a chile relleno stuffed with cheese and filet mignon. [OCR]

HOLLYWOOD— Want to nab a bite of newbie cheftestant Aex Reznik's eats? He has a new menu at Cafe Wa s rolling out next week. [EaterWire]

TEMPLE CITY— An observant 'hounder notices that Mandarin Noodle Deli has been replaced by Mountain West Noodle Shop. The new Beijing-style noodle cafe serves handmade noodles. [Chowhound]

OUT OF TOWN— Straight from Walter Manzke's publicist: "Chef Walter Manzke formerly of Church and State restaurant will be keeping busy weekly each month - Jet setting between Los Angeles and Chicago. He’s thrilled to be a consultant for the popular Rich Melman, founder of 'Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises.' He’ll return to his home in Los Angeles for three weeks, for his time will be completely occupied here as he finalizes plans for his own restaurant. It’s safe to say he’ll be racking up some serious frequent flyer miles." [Eater Inbox]


Santa Ana Canyon Rd and Imperial Highway, anaheim, ca

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