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Earl's Gourmet Grub Now Serving Sandwiches to Mar Vista

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Status: Opened last week
Dean Harada and Yvonne McDonald have been working away at opening their own sandwich shop for most of a year. This past week, their dream came true. Earl's Gourmet Grub made its debut, ever so quietly, on Venice Blvd, near Centinela in Mar Vista last week. The neighborhood has been gearing up for this new sandwich place in part because of Earl's presence at the Mar Vista farmers market. However, now you can just round the corner to Earl's new shop and order there, too. The shop's shiny new digs are something to see - certainly not your average sandwich or deli. The architects have done some impressive things with plywood and plaster, creating beams of light with overhead skylights, allowing for plenty swoops and curves in the design for the light to bounce off of, accenting with marble and stainless steel to add to the spunky look.

And, about those sandwiches. Fear not, your favorites from the farmers market are here with more added daily. There's the Choppy Joe with ginger chicken, bean sprouts, peanut and black-strap molasses gravy ($9.75), the Pigtail with crispy speck proscuitto, tomatoes, romaine, black peppercorn aioli and balsamic ($9.25), the Rosemary Maple Chicken ($9.25) and the infamous Pig-n-Fig ($9.25). Salads like the Smoked Chile Caesar and Nicoise nod at favorites, but are given a little something extra with Harada and McDonald's taste for flare and flavor. Just want a little something? Get an Ankle-Biter like the Mini Earl Meatball Sub or Grilled Gouda, all around $5. Go in and check out the deli case for Yvonne's latest creations. Remember, these folks started at the farmer's markets - samples are always free!
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— Daniela Galarza

Earl's Gourmet Grub

12226 Venice Blvd. Mar Vista, CA