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Burger Break

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2010_05_hawkins.jpegA Hamburger Today visits Hawkins House of Burgers in Watts and here's the thinkage: "The patty is just as I'd hoped: beautifully seared with a thick crust that holds together the crumbly, loosely packed meat. The toppings are all fresh and satisfying. The bun is pliant and spongy. The overall effect is truly special. The meat has a nice bit of seasoning such that it stands on its own (I tried a bit all by itself), but against the cheese, bun, and veggies it's greasy burger bliss. It isn't the height of refinement, but it's not aspiring to be...Sometimes I think that places like Hawkins are all I ever need from my burger restaurants; quality ingredients matched with their kind of tradition." [AHT]

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