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Inside Exchange LA's Beautiful Art Deco-Inspired Interior

Elizabeth Daniels 5/10
So, what's the deal with Exchange LA? Well, see here for yourself, clearly a stunning space located in the former Los Angeles Stock Exchange Building which dates back to 1929. After a $5 million renovation this is the final product: 12-foot bronze doors at the entrance weighing 1,400 pounds apiece (yikes), Art Deco chandeliers, stained glass windows, a 40-foot tall hand-painted ceiling, and that super high tech lighting system projecting the pink-purple glow above. All in all the venue encompasses a whopping 25,000 square feet that also includes four stories, four bars, and a restored vintage elevator.

As previously reported, the space is broken down into the “Trading Room,” aka the main event space and dance floor, the “Federal Reserve" the reservation-only mezzanine level, and finally the private fourth floor area titled “The Board Room.” However, Exchange LA isn't going to function like your average Hollywood club. The space will being to accept reservations for private events on June 4, and then around mid-June it will open up for a series of nightlife events. However, take note, it’s not regularly open to the public. Either it’s a private event or a hosted nightlife event where guests are exclusively invited by the event producer.
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Exchange LA

618 South Spring St., Los Angeles, CA