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Two Stars For Culina's Modern Italian Menu

After her original first taste, SIV is back at Culina for the full blown review where the revamped restaurant earns two full stars. "It has a little something for everyone but may be playing it a little too safe in terms of flavors, which are right down the middle...To warm up, start with a pizza. Though Culina isn't exactly Pizzeria Mozza redux, the pies are quite respectable, consisting of a thin, flavorful crust and a handful of topping options...pasta is quite good here [too]. The best may be the inch-wide pappardelle sauced in a gentle lamb ragù...[with] a luscious, tender texture...Main courses are straightforward and well executed...Desserts aren't as compelling as the rest of the menu...All in all, Culina strikes a bright new note at the Four Seasons, and from the number of locals mixed in with the hotel guests at dinner, it seems the neighborhood is taking note." [LAT]

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300 S Doheny Dr., Los Angeles, CA, 90048

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