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Food Network To Launch Cupcake Wars with Local Bakers

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They've thought of it all, or at least now they have with the launch of Cupcake Wars (it was bound to happen, right?) premiering on the Food Network June 15. Yes, it's cupcake vs. cupcake wherein four of the country’s top cupcake bakers face off in three elimination challenges until only one remains, and there's a slew of local talent in the mix. Founder of the Sprinkles cupcake fame, Candace Nelson, serves as a judge on the show, and the inaugural episode features Bret Thompson of Milk (Mid-City) battling against Lindsay Morton of Dollhouse Bakeshop Shoppe (Santa Monica). Then, on the second episode, Alyssa Magliato of the Perfect Circle Cupcakery (OC) bakes against Erica Tucker of Sweet E’s Bake Shoppe (LA). The winner of each show earns $10,000 and the opportunity to show off his/her cupcakes at a different event on each show.
·OC Bakery Competing In Food Network's New 'Cupcake Wars' [OCR]

[Photo: Muy Yum]