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Cafe Habana Opens Tomorrow, The First Semi-Finished Photos

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The first west coast outpost of Cafe Habana opens tomorrow, so what's going on over there at the Malibu Lumber Yard? Here you have it, the final plywood shots before furniture goes in and the space fully opens up, it's going to be a looker. First off, check out that massive Shepard Fairey mural along the patio wall. Looks great. Take a peek inside to see the bullet-riddled bar that owner Sean Meenan rescued from South Dakota and drove to Malibu himself, the bar also appears fully stocked (to serve booze, and local wine/brews) and ready to serve. Furniture still needs to be unwrapped and set up, but as evident above, Cafe Habana is pretty much prepared for its excited fans. So, get ready for what Meenan described as "pan-Latin bistro" fare with locally sourced ingredients playing in with the whole eco-vibe.
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Cafe Habana

23641 Pacific Coast Hwy., Malibu, Ca

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