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Three Stars of "Civilized" Success at Ammo

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SIV is a true supporter of chef shuffles over at Ammo. Last time she shared thinkage on Ammo back in 2008, she offered two and a half starts for the cuisine of Julia Wolfson, describing her food as "the closest thing to Chez Panisse cafe fare in these parts." Not too shabby at all. Today, SIV ups the star power to a full three big ones, with praise for new king of the kitchen, Daniel Mattern who hails from the Campanile, Lucques, AOC fame. Right off the bat, Sher gets right to it: " enjoying an extraordinary moment where all of the stars seem aligned in its favor. Much of it has to do with the new chef, Daniel Mattern, and his deeply satisfying cooking...If I had to characterize the restaurant with just one adjective, I'd choose "civilized." Ammo is one of the very few restaurants where everything works together to create a seamless experience...This is comfort food at its best." [LAT]

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1155 N Highland Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90038 323 871 2666


1155 North Highland Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 90038

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