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Suite 700 at Hotel Shangri-La, Intelli Pas Updates, MORE

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SANTA MONICA— Today Thrillist announces the public debut of a previously private space, Suite 700, at the Hotel Shangri-La. Come for classic cocktails and a global tapas-style menu served in the hotel's indoor/outdoor penthouse restaurant and bar. Don't miss the fire pits and flannel (?) walls. [Thrillist]

PASADENA— Pasadena Scoop reports that construction has begun at the newest outpost of Intelligentsia. Details include "3,068 SF between two floors (1st floor entrance and a basement). Capacity for seating is to be set at 72, which includes three 'dining' areas and two different bars. Each dining area will have tables and chairs (obviously), with a portion of each being built-ins (benches, tables extending from wall, etc). While there will only be one counter, there are two distinct bars. The first part of the bar will be the “coffee counter” and further back is the “service bar” which will have the beer, wine, etc....Interior furnishings will include: reclaimed wood flooring, exposed brick on the western wall, painted walls on all others, wood ceiling (which I’m excited to see how it turns out) and supposedly a wood bar with steel trim. With the ceiling being raised, the entire space feels a lot larger than it is...The basement will be home to Intelligentsia’s training for employees, lockers, office..." [Pasadena Scoop]

PICO-ROBERTSON— Sammy's Grill in the Thriftown Market has been replaced by Ray's Kitchen. The new eatery serves everything from burgers to tacos to pasta. [GS]

Suite 700

1301 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, Ca

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