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Top 5 Signs You Might Be A Chef of the Future

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Today Josh Ozersky pens a piece for Time on one of LA's biggest, and certainly more colorful (literally and figuratively) talents, Ludo Lefebvre. He tags Ludo as a "chef of the future" with his pop-up eateries, hordes of devout followers (including The Goldster), relatively inexpensive meals, tv appearances, and love or hate personality. Might you, too, possess the esteemed title as "chef of the future"? Here's how to do it Ludo-style:

1. You don't own a restaurant, ie. no phone number, no fixed address.

2. Zagat has never described your "restaurant" via quotation marks.

3. Devout fans stalk your whereabouts via Facebook and Twitter at all hours.

4. Meals don't cost an arm and a leg, the alcohol policy is BYO.

5. You are your own boss.

·Chefs of the Future, III: Ludo Lefebvre on the Loose [Time]

[Photo: LAist]

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