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URSA Mediterranean Kitchen Moves Into Barbarella Bar

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Elizabeth Daniels 6/10
Anat Escher opened Barbarella Bar in Silver Lake almost a year and a half ago, and she confesses "I always had a vision to have a really great restaurant in the area, but between all of the chefs that were hired that didn't work out." So, Escher decided to join forces with Chef Dylan Hallas, an up-and-coming talent who has tamed the flames at well respected venues like Mozza, The Bazaar, and The Tasting Kitchen. Now, the two have transformed half of Barbarella Bar into URSA Mediterranean Kitchen. The restaurant serves a short list of uncomplicated Mediterranean-inspired dishes at a reasonable price point with all plates under $20.

Many are foods grilled: steak, lamb, orata, burger. With only four entrees on the menu it's clear that URSA focuses more on small plates, especially cheese and charcuterie. Check out that glassed in fridge with hanging prosciutto and salumi. In the alcohol department Escher hired sommelier Sean Jemai to bring in "some exciting new beers to add to our extensive selection of 25 beers on tap." He also hired mixologist Brendan Reynolds to to craft those shmancy de rigueur cocktails. URSA is open 4-10PM for dinner on weekends and until 1AM on weekends. [EaterWire]


2609 Hyperion Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 90027