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Message To Food Trucks: You Are Not Wanted on Larchmont

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Anyone considering a restaurant might go by way of food truck thinking it's an easier route, but bear in mind that food trucks aren't always met with open arms. There was that whole Mid-Wilshire issue where local merchants wanted to give the trucks a boot for fear of losing business, and where did that get them? Well, several business did close in that area, food truck related or not. Anyway, looks like now Larchmont is jumping on the anti-truck bandwagon and the June issue of the Larchmont Chronicle literally says "No on Food Trucks." Editor/publisher Jane Gilman admonishes reads to avoid the trucks, saying "You are taking away funds from eateries who pay rent and staff employees...[and] the trucks also take up valuable parking places." Can't we all just get along? Apparently not.
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