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The Fox Pizza Bus, Pyongyang Express

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1) The Fox Pizza Bus: Back in March LA nabbed its first double decker bustaurant thanks to World Fare, and now get ready for (because you knew this was coming) LA's second bustaurant, one that features a wood-fired oven: The Fox Pizza Bus. Over right, the pre-glam shot of chef Michael Fox's (Cordon Bleu grad) bus before it gets wrapped in about two weeks. The bus' debut should launch at the end of this month, follow via Twitter or Facebook for additional updates. [EaterWire]

2) Pyongyang Express: On Saturday no nonsense newbie Pyongyang Express rolls into action serving North Korean fare. Think $1 tacos (chicken or beef), $2 kimchee quesadilla, and $2 rice bowls. Remain in the know here and here. [GS]