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Kingswood, Shaky Alibi, L'Epicerie, Cafe Entourage, MORE!

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1) Weho: It's plywood central at what has come to be known as Kingswood on the Sunset Strip. New information reveals that while the parent company based in New York is Kingswood, their first Los Angeles location might not be called Kingswood after all. According to management on site, the name and concept are still being worked out. What they are sure of is that the place "most certainly will not be a club/restaurant." Judging from the barebones wood work in place now, a bar is being installed in the center of the space and there may be a covered patio in the rear. Concept designers and architects are crawling all over it, but for now no final word on what Sunset's newest New York transplant will be. Stay tuned. [EaterWire] — DG

2) Mid-City: Appearing on the corner of Beverly and Martel is plywood child Shaky Alibi. Though still a ways off from opening, this one is a self proclaimed coffee bar and wafflery. [EaterWire]

3) West LA: Pastry, salad, and sandwich chain Specialty’s Café & Bakery will open another SoCal location on Santa Monica Blvd near the 405 on June 17. [EaterWire]

4) Culver City: A few updates on Thierry Perez's L'Epicerie market. The target opening date is end of July and Perez will sell wine, prepared foods to-go, and also offer a tasting bar for guests to dine-in. [EaterWire]

5) Hollywood: What's going on with George Abou-Daoud now that Mercantile and District have settled in? First off, check the LA Times in a week and a half for SIV's review of District, and in other news, the creative restauranteur has two new projects in the works between Hollywood and Echo Park. [EaterWire]

6) Hollywood: Over at 1600 N. Vine, signage was spotted for new eatery, Cafe Entourage still in splinter mode. [EaterWire]

7) Mid-City: Slated to debut at the end of June, Third Street's forthcoming Magnolia Bakery plans to provide indoor seating for 12 and outdoor al fresco cupcake enjoyment for 28. [EaterWire]

8) Beverly Hills: Toddrickallen spots signage for La Crepe Parisienne, taking over an empty storefront on Camden. Despite originating in Mexico (of all places for a crepe shop to start), this fast casual chain has one other domestic location in NYC, and serves both sweet and savory crepes in addition to Illy coffee. [Toddrickallen]


8752 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA