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Shaky Alibi Coffee Bar and Wafflerie Opening in About A Week

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Billed as a "Coffee Bar and Wafflerie," Shaky Alibi isn't short on the sweetness. Owner R.J. Milano is opening his first cafe on the corner of Beverly Boulevard and Martel Avenue because it's "a neighborhood place." He lives in the area and wants to service the area, his neighbors, his family, too. The quaint shop has a bar for coffee and espresso drinks made from a locally roasted Shaky Alibi blend. All of the coffee and espresso for drinks will be ground and brewed to order. Organic loose-leaf teas are also from a local distributor and will be brewed to order in individual tempered glass teapots. Other than coffee, Margo's Bark Root Beer - which donates their proceeds to dogs - will be for sale on its own as well as in float form.

What makes the bar extra sweet, however, are the Chocolate Shots. Think Spanish chocolate con churros - a rich, thick chocolate cream too sinful to be served in a mug. Flavors inclues classic chocolate and blends like Mocha and Caramel. Topped with a dollop of whipped cream or a homemade marshmallow, you might just forget you're in LA. Or, you might get hungry.

As for the wafflerie part, these are not like the waffles at IHOP, rather these are Liege Waffles, a type of waffle found in Belgium and parts of Germany (from which R.J. and his family hails). Made out of a dough rather than a batter and typically rectangular rather than round, fresh from the waffle iron, they're crispy and pillowy at once. And "they will be made to order," says R.J. The plain sugar option will be nice when the winter rains come and all you want is something to go with your Chocolate Shot. But, in case you need a savory bite, try a waffle topped with black forest ham and Gruyere. There are a few other savory combinations, but the sweet ones are the show-stopper. Waffles come topped with fruit, chocolate, and jams. And then there's a spread called Speculoos. Similar in taste to the cookie of the same name, the spread has the consistency of Nutella but with a buttery, salty, caramelized flavor - perfect for picking up those browned butter notes in a freshly pressed waffle. This coffee bar and wafflerie makes their debut in "about a week" if all goes well with inspections and such. Shaky Alibi plans to be open from 7AM to 7PM daily. While permits are in hand, they are still waiting on their final health inspection.
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—Daniela Galarza

Shaky Alibi

Beverly Blvd. and Martel Ave., Los Angeles, CA