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After The Shutter, Culver City's Leaf Organics Reopens June 18

Leaf Organics owner Rod Rotondi had to close his Sherman Oaks and Culver City cafes earlier this year. He sites "legal issues" and a poor economy as the chief causes. His thriving wholesale business also came abruptly to a halt, but he's not talking much about that anymore because he's busy readying his Culver City restaurant for its reopening. That's right, on June 18 Leaf on Washington Blvd will reopen as its old former vegan self, along with plenty of exciting new additions. The cafe is introducing several new categories to its already popular vegan menu.

First, there will be more cooked vegan options including World Wraps, basically wraps in variations like Ethiopian, Mexican, Indiana with vegan stews, slaws and salads in each bite. Also look for Peace Bowls. Pick from steamed brown rice or quinoa and a whole range of cooked or raw toppings. There is also a new Smart Bar that will serve "probiotic super food elixirs." Imagine raw cacao mixed with maca (a Peruvian superfood said to increase energy and sexual stamina). Taken as a shot, each of these drinks is blended and fermented ahead of time to allow the flavors to transform and set. Speaking of fermented foods, Leaf is going to be the leader of house-made fermented products with its new line of kombucha, kimchi, kefir and saurkraut. Start your day off with Coconut Kefir and end it with one of the loose herbal tea blends available from 9AM to 9PM daily. For their opening weekend, Leaf will hosting a series of events and tastings for the neighborhood so be sure to drop by, do a super food shot, and try some of the tasty and healthy new offerings.
—Daniela Galarza

Leaf Organics

11938 W. Washington, Blvd. Los Angeles, Ca