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Marcelita L'Art et Le Thé Soon To Serve Savory

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Marcelita Mumet is an artist of Argentinean origin who has owned Marcelita L'Art et Le Th&eacute since late last year. A cafe is central to the theme of the flower-filled shop, but LA Health Department inspections have held this part of the plan back. "For weeks, and weeks. Every week we call and they say they only have 3 inspectors for all of LA," says Mumet. Sigh. Nothing new about that. But the cafe is open for reservations only starting this week. With a limited menu of coffee, tea and pastries that are purchased from local French chefs (nothing can be cooked or prepared on site until inspections are complete), Marcelita's is hosting viewing parties for the World Cup games.

There are pastries and jams from places like Monsieur Marcel in the Farmer's Market along with fresh croissants and danishes. Mumet says she plans on having brunchy type items like smoked salmon and eggs caviar on the menu, alongside tea sandwiches, omelets and sweets. (Smells a bit like The Little Next Door, actually.) Teas are plentiful, organic and served in elegant china pots. The place is breezy and comfortable, a nice respite from the traffic on West 3rd Street. Browse the moss-covered antiques, lush orchids, gilded chinaware, paintings and sculpture while sipping a floral green tea. Or, just sit back, relax and watch as England and Algeria duke it out this Saturday afternoon. Tea time has never been so fun. To make reservations, call the shop directly at 323-424-3482. [EaterWire] —Daniela Galarza

8316 West 3rd Street, los angeles, ca