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Scoops Ice Cream Coming To The West Side

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You read it right, Scoops is expanding to the west side! The tiny Hollywood ice cream shop known for crazy flavors from Brown Bread to kimchi will open another location near Culver City. Is there a certain flavor that owner Tai Kim doesn't have on his ever-rotating list of tastes? Just bring in the ingredients and he will whip up a batch for you, no problem. So, while this new outpost will be the official second location for Scoops, let's not forget that a few Scoops flavors are also served on Fairfax at The Golden State. But seriously, considering how popular (think, over 1,000 Yelp reviews with a stellar 4.5 star rating) this ice cream scoopery is, this expansion should have come sooner!

Anyway, some more bits and pieces. Scoops Westside will actually be opened not by Tai Kim, but rather by food blogger aka Matthew Kang. And, this isn't the first time a blogger has ventured into The Biz. Remember Marvin Gapultos and Nastassia Johnson of recently launched The Manila Machine? They, too, were/are bloggers who decided to not just write about food but start their own business. More details coming soon. [EaterWire]