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Loaded Soft Opens Tonight, Officially Debuts Tomorrow

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Phone: 323-543-5623
Status: Soft opens tonight
From the guys behind Big Wangs comes yet another Hollywood bar, this one ever-so-cleverly named Loaded. Billed as a rock 'n roll bar (much like nearby Angels and Kings), the place is all slick black and tufted leather with black and white photos of rockstars dead and alive. Partners Jeff Berry, Joe Barker and PJ Brill have wanted to open a stylish bar for some time now, and when this location became available, they snagged it. It's a fairly small space, as these things go, perfect for grabbing a drink and doing some dancing to the rock and pop the DJ will spin. Along with a full bar, there is lunch and dinner on offer as well. Burgers, fries, tater tots, pizza, and salads make up the mostly standard offerings and will help sop up the alcohol when you get loaded. Open from 11AM to 2AM daily.
Additional Photos: Eater LA Flickr Page
—Daniela Galarza


6379 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90028