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Updates on Gladstone's Revitalization, Come Eat and Shop

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Elizabeth Daniels 6/10

It's just about time to check back in with Gladstone's. The last word from SBE's camp was that Executive Chef Daniel Elmaleh planned to add a new cocktail list to the seaside property, the restaurant would undergo structural "improvements," and at some point down the line "exclusive beach party event[s]" would commence. Now, three months later, fresh updates from SBE bring word that:

"Executive Chef Elmaleh and Head Chef Ben Sitton have transformed every recipe on the menu, from creating a lighter, healthier batter for the fried food dishes, to partnering with La Brea Bakery to ensure all breads are baked fresh daily. In regards to design changes, Gladstone’s inspired interior and exterior décor updates surround the property, with expansive deck and dining room spaces complemented by inviting design finishes and appointments to the flooring, bars and entrances. Guests will also find the deck areas greatly improved with relaxed seating, new hardwood flooring, expanded oceanfront views revealing the beach, and state-of-the-art umbrellas that feature lighting, heat, sound and flat screen TV compatibility. Also, a new addition to the Gladstone’s experience is an exclusive 25 Park boutique featuring a beachfront inspired collection of designer women’s clothing and accessories. With locations in Manhattan and the Hamptons, the 25 Park boutique at Gladstone’s represents the only West Coast location."
So, apparently the boutique hasn't opened quite yet, but this is how Gladstone's looks right now. Still renovations underway.

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17300 Pacific Coast Highway, Pacific Palisades, CA