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Palihouse Hollywood's Restaurant Will Be A "Culinary Center"

Yesterday Curbed caught up with powerhouse Sam Nazarian to chat about his acquisition of Palihouse Hollywood. We learn that this new hotel will "compliment" the SLS but appear more bohemian, the hotel will have 67 rooms, and no club or lounge, so no red velvet ropes. However, "If people want to buy bottles of wine and champagne in the restaurant, we’ll accommodate that." Right. But on the subject of the hotel's imminent restaurant, he reveals:

"The restaurant, we’re going to position it as a culinary center?.As for the concept, we’re going to announce it soon. We’ve been working on it for about three months, we were working on this concept and it just so happened that this project fell in our laps, so we’re going to launch it here.”

Culinary center??? Why does that sound like Ferran Adria and his future plans with elBulli?
·Sam Nazarian Talks What's Next For Former Palihouse in Hollywood [Curbed]

Palihouse Hollywood

1717 Vine Street, Hollywood, CA