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Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot Opens in Hacienda Heights

A 'Hounder writes, "After years of being tricked by bald faced impersonators using the identical logo, like the one on Atlantic Bl. in Monterey Park, Los Angeles has its own genuine Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot. It's at 1655 S. Azusa Ave. in Hacienda Heights, right next to West Coast Seafood, and they do refer to this as their Los Angeles location. They've been open for about two weeks, but nobody knows about it because it was largely empty at lunch time today. Broths are $3.75 and contents run between $4 and $13." Global hot pot chain Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot opened June 7 serving standard hot pot fare in addition to Mongolian dishes like cold oat flour noodles, spicy pork bone, and sesame cake. [EaterWire]

Little Sheep

1655 S. Azusa Ave., Hacienda Heights, CA