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The Great Pinkberry Melt Continues into Hollywood

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Pinkberry started off in a small colorful swirling cafe in West Hollywood. Once Angelenos discovered Crackberry, the lines ensued, and then, within what seems like seconds, there was a Crackberry on every corner and not just in LA. Now, a few years later and a few froyo chains later (ahem, Red Mango, Yogurtland) the great melt is on. Recently came the shutter of the original space where it all started, though management decided not to sell this one and keep it plus all that sentimental value as a "support center." However, Abbot Kinney's Crackberry closed, as did the one on Main Street in Santa Monica. The newest location to call it quits is that Crackberry on Hollywood and Vine, the windows and doors are all papered up and signage removed. So it goes. [EaterWire]