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Welcome To Lake Street Creamery Truck and The Lime Truck

1) Lake Street Creamery Truck: Still more food trucks. Earlier this week came the launch of Italian ice king The NY Ice Connection, and also in time for the hot weather, the Lake Street Creamery Truck rolls into action on Saturday. Opt for a donut in ice cream form from their donut-flavored ice cream, there's also pancake breakfast-flavored ice cream which contains pancakes, maple syrup, bacon and coffee, or add a soda to any scoop to turn it into a fizzy float. Note, all ice cream is served in waffle bowls as the truck's website reads, "in a futile attempt to save the planet," nice. Anyway, for that Saturday launch, track here. [Urban Daddy]

2) The Lime Truck: And then there's The Lime Truck, now rolling around OC. Conceived by Jason Quinn a chef who has worked at Charlie Palmer's at Bloomingdales, this brightly hued vehicle serves healthy "California beach cuisine." It also appears to serve a daytime menu with salads and panini and a separate late night menu with all sorts of fried offerings. [OCW]