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Silver Lake Natural Food Market Coming Sept, Mid-Wilshire Food Truck Update, Free Beer Tomorrow AM at House Cafe

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SILVER LAKE— The long dormant liquor store on Sunset (just off Silverlake Blvd/Parkman) next to Rambutan which has been in the process of getting cleared out in the last few months, has put up a sign announcing a forthcoming natural food market called, well, Silver Lake Natural Food Market. Chef and owner of nearby Indian restaurant Cowboys and Turbans, Baba Ji, is behind this project which will open September 19. Baba plans to buy more liquor stores around town and carry out this same switcheroo. [EaterWire]

FOOD TRUCKS— An Eater readers shares an update from Mid-Wilshire: "Since you've covered the food trucks at 5700 Wilshire before, you might be interested in the latest backlash. There have been fewer and fewer trucks outside in the past couple of weeks. Apparently, certain drivers (workers at the bricks and mortar restaurants perhaps?) are parking their cars at the meters outside 5700 and leaving them there ALL DAY. You can tell something fishy is going down, because when you walk along the sidewalk at lunchtime, every single car has a parking ticket. It's ironic, because Councilman Tom LaBonge - who's introduced legislation against the food trucks - has claimed that part of the problem is that the food trucks don't obey parking restrictions and treat them as merely a business expense. Now it looks like the restaurants are doing the same." [Eater Inbox]

MID-CITY— Anyone who is a fan of House Cafe on Facebook or Twitter and chooses to watch tomorrow's 11AM soccer game at the Beverly Blvd eatery will be treated to a free beer. Password: cherundolo. [EaterWire]

House Cafe

8114 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90048 323 655 5553

Silver Lake Natural Food Market

2829 sunset blvd., los angeles, ca, 90026