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Inside Sprouts Market, Now Open in Culver City

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Elizabeth Daniels 6/10
There's always room for another great market in LA, and considering how many foodies reside in Los Angeles, it's a surprise that more gourmet markets don't exist. Last week LA (Culver City specifically) welcomed its own branch of the Arizona-based chain Sprouts, a Whole Foods meets Trader Joe's shopping experience (not exactly gourmet but...). Curbed headed over to check out its goods, click through the gallery above to see if Sprouts could become your new go-to. Dana From, a spokesperson for Sprouts, says that the chain doesn't spend much money on design elements so they can keep prices down, and anyone from the east coast might spot some similarities to Stew Leonard's. Anyway, after reading a few Phoenix-based Yelp reviews on the store, Curbed learns that this is the place to come for fresh veggies and bulk items, but prepared foods and booze should be procured from other outlets.
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5660 Sepulveda Blvd., Culver City, CA