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AIA/LA Restaurant Design Winners Announced

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And now the winners from the 2010 AIA/LA Restaurant Design Awards. Last year a ton of downtown eateries received design recognition, this year no clear theme other than the overall rustic aesthetic we noticed with the nominees. Anyway, here it goes.
South Beverly Grill
Restaurant Category
Jury Award Winner: South Beverly Grill (Beverly Hills, CA) - designed by Assembledge+
People's Choice Award Winner: Choice Restaurant (Brooklyn, NY) - designed by Evan Douglis Studio

Intelligentsia, Venice. [Photo: tonx]
Cafe Category
Jury Award Winner 1: Intelligentsia Venice (Venice, CA) - designed by MASS Architecture + Design
Jury Award Winner 2: Mod Market (Boulder, CO) - design by Roth + Sheppard Architects
People's Choice Award Winner: Mod Market (Boulder, CO) - design by Roth + Sheppard Architects

The Varnish
Bar/Lounge Category
Jury Award Winner: Press Club (San Francisco, CA) - designed by Baldauf Catton von Eckartsberg Architects
People's Choice Award Winner: The Varnish (Los Angeles, CA) - designed by Kelly Architects & Ricki Kline