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Inside Thierry Perez's L'Epicerie Market Opening in Culver City

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Last month Eater caught wind of Thierry Perez's (Fraiche) plan to open L'Epicerie Market in quite a large space on the ground floor of 9900 Culver Blvd., an eco-friendly mixed use building in Culver City. Above, a rendering of the forthcoming market, cafe, coffee shop, ice cream bar, really this place offers a little bit of everything. First off, Thierry wants to make this spot as green as possible from the lighting to the products sold in the market. Salami, cheese, and other pantry items will be sourced from California, though wines will come from both the US and overseas. So, that far wall displays the vino, off to the right and just before the wine wall will sit a magazine stand selling a slew of international, harder to find publications. Also off to the right will be three cafe tables (only three because of permitting issues) flanked by floor-to-ceiling glass doors/windows (these comprise the full street-side exterior of the building) that slide open for impromptu al fresco dining.

Off to the left and mostly out of view will be a coffee bar and ice cream station, area for prepared hot foods, soda/juice refrigerated case, shelves stocking mustard, olive oil, and other household items, of course there will be bread and pastries for sale, and another refrigerated section offering packaged, premade soups, sandwiches, entrees, so all you need to do is go home and pop the dish in the micorwave or oven. Et voila! Grab a bottle of wine, fresh baguette, some chevre, and dinner is ready in no time.

Right now the space is completely empty but construction is slated to start next week. Thierry hopes to finish the build-out by the end of July and debut L'Epicerie mid-August.
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9900 Culver Blvd., Culver City, CA