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Yatai Ramen Takes Over Breadbar on Third

Breadbar on Third Street has been rather quiet ever since Ludo left, but starting June 8 through July 24 a new pop-up concept takes hold. Welcome to the new, temporary, home of Yatai Ramen, a contemporary take on traditional street fare like ramen prepared by chefs Kazuo Shimamura and Noriyuki Sugie (creator of Breadbar's Hatchi series). In addition to traditinonal ramen other creations include Oxtail Ramen with Truffle Oil and Marine Poached Egg, Foie Gras Ramen with Rich Consommé and Chopped Chives. The creativity continues with sides like Pig Feet Gyoza which can be washed down with Coconut Boba, yum. Or, just check out the full menu here. [EaterWire]


8718 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA, 90048